Why Choose Us?

  • At Jandakot Heli-Co we are passionate about our clients

  • We provide a large selection of aircraft: R22, R44, B206, EC120, AS350

  • Jandakot Heli-Co's Head of Operations Derek Doak brings with him 30+ years and 15000+ hours of flight experience. He is among the most qualified and experienced Helicopter Instructors across the whole of Australia. Check his bio for more information. 

  • We provide excellent in-depth training catered to the client, bringing with us years of experience from many avenues of the helicopter world

  • We provide realistic scenario based training as you progress to prepare you for real world flying after flight school

  • We can conduct in-house PPL Examinations - PEXO approved

  • We pay close attention to the client and ensure they get the most bang for their buck when they train with us!